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How to satisfy the customers’ needs: ice cream and eating habits

100% Natural Products

Antico Eremo Inc specializes in purely organic, gluten free products. At Antico Eremo Inc, our main objective is to provide raw materials that are purely natural. Our raw products target vegan, vegetarian as well as gluten free diets. We strive to ensure our clients get high quality products. Therefore, we ensure that not only are our products organic, but also GMO free. By providing GMO free organic products, we ensure that the health safety of our clients is guaranteed.

High-Quality Ingredients

Ingredients used to prepare Antico Eremo Inc products are carefully selected from the top-quality sources available. We prepare our products with vegan and vegetarian diets in mind, therefore, the ingredients we use contain a high percentage of fruits. To ensure that our clients’ health safety is guaranteed, all Antico Eremo Inc. products are wholly produced in Italy. This way, we guarantee our clients that only safe products are delivered to them.

Quality and Assurance

All Antico Eremo Inc. products do not contain any kind of artificial aromas or colorings. Our raw products are 100% natural, we do not add any artificial additives thus ensuring our clients with special dietary needs have their health safety guaranteed.

At Antico Eremo Inc, we are transparent and ready for scrutiny to ensure that our clients are assured of safe, high-quality natural products at all times. For those with special dietary needs, our laboratories are accessible. Our special clients can make inquiries and ask any questions regarding the natural raw products that we have on offer. We strive to ensure that our clients delight in eating well. Antico Eremo Inc. adheres to a strict production cycle which is traceable. Our special clients can, therefore, trace our natural ingredients all the way from processing, packaging to the sale of the final product. At Antico Eremo Inc, we believe that food safety demands awareness of what we consume.

At Antico Eremo Inc, we operate in the progressive respect of food safety, quality, and tradition. We are certified by accredited international food safety regulation agencies owing to our diverse and genuine raw products. To all our special dietary clients, we guarantee your safety as we strive to provide diverse, raw, and 100% natural products at all times.

Ice Cream Merchants

Whether you are an ice cream supplier or ice cream wholesale trader, our products are carefully designed to assure your clients authentic and alluring ice cream. Our products are perfectly designed to ensure the ice cream man offers only safe products to their clients with special dietary habits. To clients who are intolerant to lactose, Antico Eremo Inc. products are safe to eat! Try out any of our diverse products from your ice cream supplier. Antico Eremo Inc. offers ice cream merchants the opportunity to prepare natural, gluten free and vegan products. Antico Eremo Inc offers customized services to wholesale ice cream traders to ensure you offer clients unique and prime services.

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