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What is your favorite ice cream? The flavors Americans like the most

Ice cream is a fun and nutritious food that is enjoyed by almost 90 per cent of the American’s population. From local scoop shops to international brands, the ice cream industry in the United States contributes more than $40 billion to the national economy and creates more than 180,000 jobs countrywide.

This depicts that Americans can typically go crazy over the delicious, fresh taste of ice cream. From pure, classic, delicious flavors to complex flavors filled with extras the Americans love and crave for frozen treats.

American’s favorite

If you want to thrill your American guests, you should serve mint chocolate chip. It ranks at number one as America’s favorite ice cream flavor. Developed in the mid-1970, mint chocolate chip lives as a staple in the minds of most American ice cream enthusiasts. Usually with a distinctive taste and color.

The strawberry ice cream flavor comes in as number two, with a classic blend of fresh strawberries, cream, sugar, vanilla, and eggs. It is cherished by most young ones as well as the adults. Accompanied by unique pink shade, the strawberry flavor is one of the most natural ice cream flavors to recognize. And you cannot go wrong with ordering strawberry flavored ice cream at your local ice cream shop.

Next at number three is the Butter Pecan ice cream flavour. The rich taste of toasted pecan in this ice cream flavor makes Butter Pecan primarily popular in the US.

Vanilla and chocolate ice cream flavor comes in number four and five respectively. Vanilla has reigned supreme as the American’s favorite ice-cream flavor for many yeflavrs. Majority of U.S. households that regularly choose a delicious, frozen treat, vanilla has to be included. It is merely because of its versatility. It is a popular ice cream flavor not only because it is sweet and creamy, but also due to its capability to enrich so many other treats and desserts. It tastes incredible topped by fudge sauce and whipped cream in a sundae, with a warm slice of apple pie or root beer in a float.

The chocolate ice cream flavor is also a fantastic flavor and universally enjoyed. Both vanilla and chocolate flavors are perfect choices for birthday parties and ice cream gatherings.

The Cookies and Cream flavor invented in the 1970s is another American favorite. Its flavor is widely associated with the Oreo cookie. And the Chocolate chip cookie dough flavor also dazzles most Americans with the taste of uncooked cookies and chocolate blended with ice cream.

Also over the years, the Rocky Road ice cream flavor has become a cherished flavor taking many forms, including ingredients such as chocolate chips, walnuts, almonds and marshmallows but increasingly continues to be among the Americans favorite ice cream flavor. The Rocky Road is mainly a creamy combination of marshmallows, chocolate ice cream, and nuts.

Here comes the Gelato!

The Americans are also becoming fans of Gelato, the Italian-styled ice cream. Gelato is soft, smoother, creamier, and silkier, as well as more elastic and denser, than American ice cream.

While both the American ice cream and Italian gelato contain milk, sugar and cream, authentic gelato uses less cream and more milk than ice cream and generally does not use egg yolks, which are a common ingredient in American ice cream. When serving authentic Italian gelato, you don’t scoop; it’s served with a spade.

Some of the famous Italian gelatos that are also loved by Americans include the Citrus, Chocolate-Hazelnut, Bittersweet Chocolate and Espresso. Gelato with nuts is also a favorite gelato in America.

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