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The best way to serve great desserts

Desserts are the exciting part of every meal from ice cream cakes, fruit pies, soft serve to ice cream sandwiches. It is the central part which tops off all dinning experiences. But it’s even better when you use exciting ways to serve dessert. One sure way to make guests at your restaurant to spend more time and money on desserts is to add a little dusting of uniqueness. By partnering with Antico Eremo as your dessert supplier, you can make desserts more enjoyable, indulging and even more entertaining for your customers with just a tiny bit of effort.

We supply ice cream in wholesale with a wide range of products which include different flavors. These are some fun serving suggestions of desserts you can serve even when you don’t have a pastry chef or dedicated equipment to do ice cream.

Be creative with your dessert presentation

A variety of color can make your desserts to be lively. A dark chocolate ice cream cake can go transform from a brown bump to a beautiful artful creation when garnished with vibrant berries. You can also make use of frozen peach, papaya, hollowed orange, a hollowed half pineapple, coconut, cream puff, or large meringue shell to bring out a lovely, colorful, lively presentation.

Combine textures and adorn with care

Adding different textures to the dessert creates excitement for the visual appeal, and the enjoyment only continues when the eating begins. For example, you can make a gorgeous striped ice cream cake using your favorite ice cream and different sorbet flavors. Then use your imagination to create different textures by pairing various flavors and adding nubbly cookie crumbs. The different textures excite the senses, giving an anticipatory sense of the taste pleasures to come.

Consider the customer when adding finishing touches to your dessert plate. While whole nuts look appealing sprinkled on top of an ice cream cake, they are impossible to spear with a dessert fork. Keep when garnishing dessert keep in mind how the customer will handle it on the finished plate.

Choose the right vessel

Make sure your restaurant is stocked with the right bowls, spoons, and serving vessels for ice cream desserts. Each dessert goes well with a specific type of plate. Do not serve dessert on a tiny plate which may have toppings dropping on the table or popping off once the fork hits the dessert. If the dessert is creamy, it’s better to serve it in a round bowl or container.

Contrast temperatures

There’s nothing that tastes better like a pair of a well prepared pie with a refreshing cold scoop of ice cream. Contrasting temperatures can be a striking thing. Also your plate or bowl does require the right temperature. Do not serve ice cream on a hot plate. It will melt quickly, while other desserts may “wither.” This may vary depending on the dessert. A considerably chilled plate may be appropriate when serving cold desserts, whereas a plate at room temperature works well with most pies and cakes.

Make delicious pronto desserts

Make instant pronto desserts when there is a high flow of customers. With the Antico Eremo’s Dessert powders that require only adding heavy cream and milk. You can choose between Tiramisù, Panna Cotta and Chocolate Mousse. Now that our B2C shop is online, everyone can amaze its guests with these delicious and autentic italian treats!

Be consistent

When serving desserts, be consistent in your helping size and design. It can be confusing to see a different presentation on each plate, and it’s quite uncomfortable when everybody start looking over to the plates across the table and seeing a serving double the size.



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