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5 Ways to Serve Hot Chocolate

The weather is getting chiller and the cold season is already here. Most people prefer spending more time at home. How about inviting friends over, and enjoy a big mug of chocolate altogether? It’s breathtaking! Below are five ways to serve chocolates with everything you need to bring out the best from their recipes!

1 – Enjoy the luscious Italian Chocolate

The Italian Chocolate is rich, creamy, and decadent. It’s a half-way between a dessert and a drink. It’s probably the most delicious way to warm yourself this winter. The Italian Chocolate is smooth, uber-rich and very indulgent. You can get this from renowned supplier Antico Eremo. This is a wholesaler that has curved a prestigious portion of the market.

The mouthwatering drink should be ready in just 10 minutes and only requires five pure and ready to use ingredients: fresh organic milk, high-quality cocoa powder, high-quality organic dark chocolate, corn flour, and sugar. Of course, the corn flour is the secret ingredient that makes this chocolate so dense and rich, but goes undetectable over your plate! A pinch of vanilla extract should add some extra aroma. What’s more, you can add a drop of your liquor, or even spice it up a little pinch of cinnamon to create an ultimate luxury, cozy drink to satisfy your chocolate cravings!

2 – Taste the Sumptuous French Vanilla Chocolate

You’ll love to serve the sweet and creamy twist of French Vanilla Chocolate. The French Vanilla Chocolate is precisely what it sounds like. While its recipe appears so simple, French Vanilla Chocolate is a perfectly creamy drink you’ll love making favorite this winter!

The ingredients are quite available and straightforward: milk, some cocoa, some French vanilla creamer, French vanilla syrup, some sugar and lastly whipped cream or marshmallows. You can also opt to top individual servings with cinnamon if you like.

3 – Serve the mouthwatering Nutella Chocolate

Interestingly, with only two ingredients and less than ten minutes, you can enjoy this delicious winter creamy drink – the Nutella Chocolate! You’ll need some 2 tbsp. Nutella and a cup of milk. Almond milk brings out an elegant taste, but you can use any milk.

You’ll only need to heat some milk in a saucepan until it steams but not yet boiling. Stir in the Nutella until it evenly dissolves. Later, you can add some marshmallows at the top and a pinch of espresso powder for an extra coffee taste!

4 – Enjoy the famous Chocolate Caliente Mexicano

As the weather gets chilly, there’s no better drink to warm yourself up than the famous Mexican chocolate. The best of the Chocolate Caliente Mexicano comes from the state of Oaxaca. Hence, you’ll want to get one of their recipes for a traditional Chocolate this season! Interestingly, the chocolate is sweetened with some sugar and cinnamon. Mexican Chocolate comes in a grainy rustic texture that is not entirely smooth in the cup. It would be best if you didn’t worry about that – it’s what makes the chocolate unique and special!

You can serve the chocolate with pastry and garnish each mug with a cinnamon stick and use your favorite topping such as marshmallows to make them yummy. Take care not to use milk that has reached boiling point. If it reaches boiling point, it is advisable to wait it lose heat for a couple of minutes before continuing with the frothing process.

5 – Enjoy the Tasty Grasshopper Chocolate

Taking the same old chocolate can be tiring. At the time, you want to try out something more tastefully simple. How about tasting the Grasshopper chocolate? For adults, Grasshopper Chocolate can be made inclusive of little alcohol. The chocolate is sumptuous and warms you right up.

If you’d like to impress, drizzling some sea salt fudge sauce can be worthwhile! You’ll only need some grasshopper frozen drink mix, some milk, and some vodka. In about 5 to 7 minutes, your luscious Grasshopper hot chocolate will be ready!


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