Museum of ice cream

Museum of Ice Cream: the heaven for gelato lovers

Everybody loves ice-cream and playing with this frozen dessert can be a delightful treat for kids and adults alike. This is now a reality with the Museum of Ice Cream, where you can hula hoop in the sprinkle pool or lick an ice-cream cone while sitting on a white unicorn.

The Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) is an interactive art exhibit with ice cream and candy themed rooms. It was first opened in New York in 2016, by its founder Mary Ellis Bunn. She was inspired by her childhood fantasy of swimming and playing in a pool full of sprinkles. The main objective of MOIC is to make creative installations inspired by ice-cream as it is a worldwide symbol of joy, personal pleasure, and a way to convey anyone’s imagination. Together with a team of dedicated staff which includes creators, designers, and producers who believed in the founder’s dream, they have successfully established three more locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami, and still counting.

MOIC a dreamland for gelato lovers

Featuring gardens of gummies, ice cream-themed exhibits, brightly colored rooms with flattering lighting that contain giant animal cookies on carousel mounts, a rock-candy cave, a unicorn, and a swimming pool of rainbow sprinkles among other things. The MOIC is the ideal location to have fun, play and interact with fellow ice-cream lovers.

The MOIC also partners with several top ice-cream producers. The products from these manufacturers are usually prominently exhibited at the museum where visitors are treated to multiple delicious tasting of ice-cream of all of the flavors from hot fudge sundaes, to banana splits, ice-cream cones, sorbets dove bars and many more. It is an immersive tasting experience uniting the world through ice-cream. MOIC is a dream come true for all gelato lovers. MIOC’s tickets are hotcake and get sold out in minutes. The entrance fee is inclusive of lots of samples of ice-cream and is limited to only 60 minutes of fun. However, you can visit the museum as many times as you can.

A new feature being introduced by MOIC is where guests can make paid reservations for a special tasting of all of the flavors, and have the opportunity to learn about the making of ice-cream through all five senses. To maximize this new feature purchase Antico Eremo’s raw materials and try to practice some of the ice-cream making tips acquired at MOIC.

Antico Eremo the one-stop shop for all your Ice-cream needs

Antico Eremo supplies a broad range of instant products including hot chocolate, desserts gelato, Panna Cotta, Tiramisu, soft Serve and sorbets. Initially established in Italy, Antico Eremo has expanded to the United States of America where it’s a sole distributor of high-quality products for making delicious frozen desserts.

Since its inception, Antico Eremo specializes in wholesaling, retailing and supplying an extensive collection of gelato, sorbet, soft serve, neutral bases, pronto desserts, and hot chocolates. These products are prepared and processed at highly hygienic environment. We also select ingredients from Italy and only from the best quality available and with a high percentage of fruits. All our products are gluten-free, as well as 100% natural. And since our customers deserve the best at all times, we ensure safety and security in all our products by using Non-GMO ingredients and do not use any artificial coloring and aromas.

Other services we excel at is creating, developing and supplying great private label desserts and ice-cream where we customize the packaging of our products with your logo and your brand color for a unique product. We also work in partnership with ice-cream producers to offer a wide range of customized ingredients and recipes to meet their needs. Therefore if you need a custom-made recipe contact us, we can make the product you need.

All our products and services can be attained at pocket-friendly rates. We have been focused on securing beneficial relations with our customers by rendering them a premium variety of products at affordable prices.


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