rolled ice cream

Rolled ice cream

Thai’s rolled ice cream that doesn’t know frontiers

Culinary globalization has taken center stage in the modern society. However, good news is that the essence of the culture from which modern food concept arrived hasn’t been removed. A better part of this culinary globalization is that it preserves the elaborate process while at the same time trying to implement local food culture into the mix.
Ice cream is a nutritious food, which is enjoyed by a majority of North America’s population. The industry has been estimated to contribute about $40 billion to the economy, while creating not less than 180,000 jobs. This is a clear indication that the American people can go crazy over tasty and delicious desserts.

Rolled ice cream is a popular indigenous street food in Thailand. Alive to the fact that it looks tasty, cool, and instagrammable, then this is why it has become a hit food trend quickly. It is just much like the marble slab, where you pour custard onto ice griddle and then mix it quickly. The blend is thereafter rolled out, and shaved to become cute cream roll ups. However, this trend hit North America’s cuisine culture in several places. It is popularly known as 10 Below Ice Cream in the New York City’s Chinatown. Here, up to 3-hour lineups were reported out front of their stall after premiering the treat.

The treat is just like it sounds: rolls about the size of a roll of quarters packed in a cup. It is then topped with several other extras, for example, gummy bears, hot fudge, coconut, and toasted marshmallow. For a generous serving, $7 is enough to get the dessert with its unusual appearance.

According to Paste Monthly, the dessert began selling across the US in 2015. However, this is a popular sweet across Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, and Malaysia. In these countries, the dessert is majorly sold by street vendors, says Paste.

How is the dessert made?

Making the dessert is a two-minutes process, and comes with much fun just as eating it. The process only calls for a few extra ingredients that are more likely to be available in your pantry. You need to pour a cup of milk-based liquid on a cold metal circle looking much like a big pizza pan. Some prep staff use dry ice to chill the dessert, while others run a coolant underneath, which makes the temperatures drop well below freezing point.

As the temperature falls below freezing, the base is manipulated with paddles much like kneading bread, and thereafter spread out across the circle. After the sweet covers the big circle evenly, the prep staff will push a spatula across and turn the strips into rolls.

Here’s Gelato

Italian-styled Gelato is also becoming popular among Americans. Gelato is smoother, silkier, and creamier than the local creams. While local American ice creams as well as Italian gelato contain milk, cream, and sugar, authentic Italian gelato contains more milk and less cream, and does not contain egg yolks, which are typical to the American ice creams.

About Antico Eremo and its raw materials for making gelato

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