Gelato Wholesale

Ice cream wholesaleFresh, delicious gelato in a variety of classic and unique flavors

Who does not love gelato. Whether on a hot summer day after a long day outside enjoying the sun, or after a romantic evening at a fancy restaurant with your date, there is no better moment than having a delicious cup or cone of gelato. As an ice-cream parlor or restaurant you want to be sure that you are providing your customers with the best product available. In order to do so you should be considering Antico Eremo for all your gelato needs.

What is a wholesaler?

As a wholesaler we are in the business of selling Antico Eremo products to ice-cream parlors and restaurants – as opposed to directly to the consumer. As the owner of a company that is in the business of selling gelato directly to consumers, you are perfectly situated to acquire your delicious products directly from us. Our new American company ensures that you receive only the freshest product, without any concern about quality degradation due to cross-Atlantic voyages from Italy.

The Pros of choosing Antico Eremo: Customization and Private Label

In addition to just selling ice-cream, gelato, and other delicious products, Antico Eremo also offers a variety of services to its clients. These include private label making, where we offer the option of customizing the packaging of our products with any custom brand, color, and/or logo to ensure that you are able to provide your customers with a unique product.

Purchasing your products directly from us also allows you to order products with custom ingredients. We customize the ingredients in most of our products to ensure that you can offer your customers all the products you know that they will enjoy. This can include things like little or no sugar, no peanuts, or little to no gluten, etc.

Why choose Antico Eremo?

Antico Eremo was established in a small Italian town of Gussago in the province of Brescia in 1978. Originally in the juice and tea business, the company quickly grew both in size and range of products, eventually delving into the desserts and gelato business. Our products became a hit not only in our own town or province, but throughout Italy.

We expanded our production and innovated new products to include sorbets, hot chocolate, milkshakes, tea, gelato, coffee, and even slushies. Soon our sights were set beyond just Italy, and in July of 2013 we created the U.S. company Antico Eremo Inc. to act as the exclusive U.S. importer of our products. Launched in Charlotte, North Carolina in July of 2013, we today serve Americans with all of our most popular and delicious products.

While there are many companies out there that product ice-cream, gelato, and other products at wholesale prices and with wholesale service, what sets Antico Eremo apart is the quality of its products and quality of its service. You can be confident when doing business with Antico Eremo that you will get nothing but the finest and freshest ingredients in your products, quality packaging and labelling, and top notch customer service.

So why look anywhere else for your ice-cream and gelato wholesale needs?